(Final as passed at State Annual Membership Meeting, 5/19/2015)


Article I ‑ Classes of Membership


1. Full Membership: Any person interested in the objectives of the Chapter as stated in Article II of the Constitution and who is paying dues at the rate defined in  Article II of the Bylaws.


2. Retiree Membership:  Any person who is paying dues at the retiree rate as defined in Article II of the Bylaws.


3. Life Membership: Any member of this Chapter may be considered for a paid‑up life membership. The Chapter must submit a recommendation to the International Association along with appropriate dues as designated in Article II of the Bylaws.


Article II ‑ Membership Dues


1. The membership year of this Chapter is the calendar year.


2. The annual membership dues for full and retiree members of this Chapter will be established for the next calendar year at the first meeting of the Executive Board following the Annual Meeting.


3. The annual membership dues for all members, except those enrolled in payroll deduction, will be due and payable at the beginning of each calendar year.


4. When the Chapter recommends a Life membership, an amount equal to the International Association membership dues, by membership class, for a 15‑year period at the current dues rate on the date of the recommendation must be submitted at the international Association board meeting held prior to the annual Association meeting at which the life membership will be awarded. The recommendation must be approved by the Executive Board of the lnternational Association.


5. Any member who is not on payroll deduction, whose annual membership dues has not been received by the Treasurer thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting, will be dropped from membership.


Article III – Executive Board


 1 The Executive Board is defined as: President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and Sub-Chapter Presidents/Representatives. These are the voting members.


2. The Executive Board will be governed by this Constitution, these Bylaws, and the mandate of the members and will exercise effective supervision over the activities, policies and programs of this Chapter.


3. In case of the death, resignation, disqualification, absence, refusal, or neglect of duties of any of the elected officers of this Chapter, except the President, the Executive Board will appoint a successor to fill the unexpired term. In the case of the death, resignation, or other disqualification of the President, the President-Elect shall assume the remainder of the President’s unexpired term plus the following full term.


4. The Executive Board will meet at least twice a year. One of these meetings will be in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of this Association.


5. The Executive Board will prepare the budget for the coming administrative year at its first meeting.


6. The Executive Board shall set the time and place of the Annual Meeting of this Chapter recognizing the International Association's Membership deadline dates.


7. Willful misappropriation of Chapter funds by jurisdiction, sub‑chapter or State chapter officers is cause for removal from office. The Executive Board is responsible for reviewing the facts and rendering a decision in such cases. The Executive Board may also seek civil or criminal remedies as are appropriate.


8. The Executive Board will approve reasonable and necessary expenditures of funds for this Association, exercising care and diligence in its stewardship.


9. The Executive Board shall act upon petitions for formation of Sub-Chapters and will issue charters if approved.


10. The Executive Board will review jurisdiction locations and redefine them to reflect changes in Workforce Development or Unemployment Insurance activities at the locations. Changes may be made at any time of year except April I to the date of the Annual Meeting.


Article IV – Quorum


1. All members present as defined in Article II of the Chapter Bylaws shall constitute a quorum at any Annual or Special Meeting. A simple majority of the members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum of that Committee.


Article V – Duties of Officers


1. President: The President is the chief administrative officer of this Chapter and it is the President’s duty to enforce all the mandates of the Executive Board and the membership and will:

·         Preside at all meetings of this Chapter and its Executive  Board

·         Appoint the Secretary, and all Standing and other Special Committee Chairs

·         Act as an ex‑officio member of all committees

·         Present a full written report to the Annual Meeting of the President’s activities during the time of holding office.


2. President‑Elect: Shall promote Sub-Chapter’s development and activities. Will perform other duties assigned by the President and/or the Executive Board.


In the case of the absence or disability of the President, the President‑Elect shall take the place and perform the duties and exercise the powers and prerogatives of the President. In case of the death, resignation, disqualification, refusal or neglect of the President to discharge the duties of that office as determined by the Executive Board, the President‑Elect shall assume the duties of the President until the next Annual Meeting and will perform all the duties incumbent on the President.


 3. Vice‑President: Shall be the chairperson of the Membership Committee, and keep an official roster by classes of membership and have the roster available for inspection at all regular meetings of the Executive Board and the Annual Meeting. Perform other duties assigned by the President and/or Executive Board. Will submit all members who have recruited ten or more new members to International by set deadline.


In case of the death, resignation, disqualification, refusal or neglect of both the President and President‑Elect, the Vice President shall temporarily take the place of and perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President. The Vice President will call a meeting of the remaining Executive Board members to appoint a new President and President‑Elect to serve until the next Annual Meeting, at which time both must be elected to office in order to retain such office.


4. Secretary: The Secretary shall accurately record and keep complete minutes of the proceedings of the Annual and Special Meetings of the Chapter and the Regular and Special Meetings of the Executive Board. The Secretary shall notify the members of all meetings of this Chapter.


5. Treasurer: Shall be:

§  Custodian of all funds

§  Receive all monies payable

§   Maintain records of all fees, assessments and other funds

§  Make expenditures as authorized under the Constitution and/or Bylaws

§   Submit at each meeting of the Executive  Board, and at each Annual Meeting, a written report showing the financial condition of this Association

§  Sit on the Membership Committee

§  Verify membership receipts in preparation of the membership roster

§  Perform all other duties as they pertain to the office of Treasurer and as may be directed by the President and/or the Executive Committee.


6. The new Executive Board will be installed prior to the close of the Annual Meeting and will hold office until their successors are installed.


7. The administrative year is defined as July 1 through June 30.



Article VI – Committees


The Standing Committees of this Chapter are Audit, Legislative, Education, Membership, Nominating, Recognition, Marketing and Retirees.


1.   Audit Committee: This committee, comprised of three members, will examine all accounts and financial affairs of the Chapter, including all receipts and expenditures.  At the end of the administrative year, the committee will audit the accounts and records, and prepare a written report, submitting it to the Chapter President and Executive Board by the next February 1. The committee will prepare a report to the Annual Meeting on the condition of the accounts and finances.


2.   Legislative Committee: This committee will alert members concerning legislative issues important to the Chapter. It will educate national and state legislators about issues pertinent to Workforce Development and Unemployment Insurance Programs. It will maintain a systematic network of contact with Washington's congressional delegation and staff as well as state legislators and staff. It will follow through on action requests from the International Association's Legislative Committee. It will provide information to members on new legislation as well as present legislative issues as topics at meetings. 


3.   Education Committee: This committee will coordinate all Chapter educational training programs with the exception of Institutes and the Annual Meeting. It will develop and maintain a Chapter library. The committee will administer the Chapter's Grant programs by reviewing grant applications, making recommendations to the Executive Board, facilitating requests for grants once approved, verifying requests for reimbursement, and maintaining records of performance of grantees during the grant period.


4.   Membership Committee: This committee shall be composed of at least three members: the Vice President (Chair), Treasurer, and at least one representative from the general membership appointed to the Committee by the President. It will assist the Vice President and Treasurer in compiling and maintaining a current membership list and develop and implement a systematic membership renewal notification process. This committee shall arrange with the Treasurer, at least four months prior to the Annual Meeting, to provide the Awards Committee with a list of eligible candidates to receive length of service awards.


5.   Nominating Committee: This committee will be composed of at least three members appointed by the President. The committee will carry out the provisions of Article III of the Bylaws and any additional duties as assigned by the President and/or Executive Board.


6.   Recognition Committee: Develop time line for solicitation and submission of awards for all Chapter and International award categories according to set criteria. Ensure all Chapter notebooks are complete and submitted to International prior to deadline. Oversees the award ceremony at the Annual Chapter Meeting.   


7.   Marketing Committee: Develop marketing materials to promote Chapter events and activities. Work closely with other committees and find new outlets for marketing Chapter.


8.   Retiree Committee: Encourage retiree members to participate in Chapter activities.  Coordinate activities for the retirees. Submit articles to Chapter newsletter.  


Article VII– Jurisdictions and Sub-Chapters


1. A Jurisdiction is any local office area within the state.


2. A Sub-Chapter is a group of Jurisdictions within a specific geographical area as defined by the Executive Board. The name of the Sub-Chapter must include the name of this Chapter. The jurisdictions in a Sub-Chapter will be determined and set forth by the Executive Board.


3. Chapter members working within a jurisdiction and Subchapter may organize, elect officers, and conduct meetings.


4. Ownership of property by a Subchapter or its members shall not constitute ownership by this  Chapter.


5. The Constitution and Bylaws of a Subchapter must not conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws of this Chapter.


Article VIII ‑ Nomination and Elections


1. Each year after March 21st and more than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting, the Vice President will submit a current membership list to the membership.


2. The Nominating Committee will meet prior to the Annual Meeting and will nominate eligible and willing candidates for offices in this Chapter. The Committee will post a list of all nominees at a conspicuous place at the registration desk throughout the Annual Meeting. The names of the nominees will be presented to the Annual Meeting and nominations may also be made from the floor at the meeting.


3. If more than one candidate is nominated for any one office, voting will be by secret ballot. To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast. If no candidate receives a majority of votes on the first ballot, the slate will be narrowed to the two candidates receiving the most votes and another ballot taken.


4. This Chapter will consist of a number of jurisdictions that have been established by the Executive Board. The Executive Board may change jurisdictions at any time during the administrative year (except the period April 1 through the conclusion of the Annual Meeting).

Article IX – District Director-Elect


1. The office of District Director-Elect shall be rotated among the chapters of District VII in the following order: Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Nevada and Hawaii.


2. A nominee for District Director-Elect shall be elected at the annual State Chapter business meeting in the year in which it is the Washington State Chapter’s turn to present a nominee at the District VII Caucus at the International Annual Meeting. The President of the Washington State Chapter will notify the current District VII Director no less than 30 days prior to the International Annual Meeting of the name of the nominee.


3. The District Director-Elect shall be seated as a District Director on the International Executive Board in the year following election, or at such time as directed by the International President to fill a vacancy.


4. In case of a vacancy in the office of a District Director‑Elect from the Washington Chapter, the State Chapter Executive Board shall select a new District Director-Elect and so advise the International President.


5. In case of a vacancy in the office of a District Director from the Washington Chapter, the State Chapter Executive Board will select a new District Director and so advise the International President.


Article X –Service Awards Criteria


Awards will be made to current members of this Chapter who have attained a length of service in the Workforce Development and Unemployment Insurance field. Awards for years of service will be determined by the Executive Board and will be recognized at the Annual Meeting. Awards will be based on a combination of:


1. Length of Washington State Employment Security service, or service in other Workforce Development programs. Proof of prior service with other agencies must be furnished to the Service Awards Committee for computation of service awards.


2. IAWP membership as follows: Criteria for Awards:

a. The cut‑off point for determining awards will be the last day of the month in which the Annual Meeting occurs.

b. For 10 and/or 15 years of service, a candidate must be a paid‑up member for the current year. (Service need not be continuous.)

c. For 20 and/or 25 years of service a candidate must be a paid up member for five years including the current year. (Service need not be continuous.)

d. For 30 years of service a candidate must be a paid up member for ten years including current year. (Service need not be continuous.)


Article XI- Achievement Awards


1.   Develop time for solicitation, scoring, and submission of awards.


2.   Develop a strategy to market the awards and call for nominations.


3.   Solicit nominations for all Chapter and International award categories.


4.   Work with Chapter members to write nominations.


5.   Create a process for scoring the nominations and selection of winners.


6.   Ensure all Chapter notebooks are complete and submitted to International prior to deadline, and


7. Oversee the awards ceremony at the Annual Meeting.


Article XII– International Annual Meeting


1. The outgoing President will receive all Chapter Achievement Awards at the International Annual Meeting.


 2. The incoming President will carry the state flag at opening ceremony.


Article XIII – Publication



 is the official publication of this Chapter. Its content is to be devoted to the interests of the Chapter and its members.


2. A Managing Editor is responsible for the regular preparation and publication of THE CLARION.

3. The State Executive Board will appoint the Managing Editor.

Amended May 19, 2015

Previously amended May 15, 2004.

Previously amended May 20, 2000.