Legislative Action

IAWP has a long and proud history of legislative action and involvement. In fact, the Association's beginning was a proactive legislative action, in a sense.

The first director of the Wisconsin Employment Service, W. M. Leiserson, wanted to share ideas with other administrators of fledgling employment service agencies springing up around the country, so IAWP was born in 1913. Subsequent association legislative successes included our work to pass child labor laws and sustaining the Employment Security System through legislative and appropriation challenges during the 1960s and 1980s.

Washington Chapter IAWP has a Legislative Committee to monitor legislative and policy developments and to advise Association members on appropriate action on state and federal issues important to the workforce system and workforce professionals.

Training on legislative topics is always offered at IAWP Educational Institutes and Conferences. Legislative information is available to assist members pursue their own legislative goals.

A grassroots legislative network responds to immediate requests for action. Members who ask to be on the network are advised when issues important to us are being considered and grassroots action is appropriate. If you’d like to be added to the chapter’s legislative network, please contact Legislative Committee Chair, Judy Johnson, at judithj2015@gmail.com or call her cell at 360-561-8249.

PLEASE NOTE: Any activity on IAWP legislative issues must be conducted on your own time, using your own resources. No agency time or equipment shall be used to conduct IAWP legislative action.